Tandem SkyDive Jump

Tandem SkyDive Jump

Connecticut Parachutists in Ellington, CT

Connecticut Parachutists in Ellington, CT

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Enjoy this Tandem SkyDive and make memories for a lifetime! Whether you are looking for that next big life experience for yourself or a friend, Connecticut Parachutists is the place for you. Tandem is the most exciting and safest method for training someone to make their first jump. Training generally takes less than 30 minutes, and, depending on a number of variables, a student may spend only half a day for the training and the jump. Both the student and the instructor are attached to the same parachute system. They free-fall together from up to 2 miles above the earth, and enjoy the fantastic view with feet dangling over 4,000 ft. in the air! INCLUDES: -1 Tandem Skydive + all equipment needed Connecticut Parachutists, Inc. uses the most advanced equipment for student jumping. We invest large amounts of money into our equipment, leaving us with only the best and newest equipment available to students. Adventure enthusiasts and newbies alike will cherish this experience for a lifetime. Location: Ellington, CT Details: Tandem SkyDive Jump, Ellington, CT Restrictions: Subject to availability when you book Certificate expires 12 months after event date. Valid: Valid April 1st through October 31st

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